DIY Wine Charms

Late on the eve of Christmas Eve, I realized I had forgotten something incredibly important. My Aunt Kat’s was coming to Christmas at my sister’s house, and I hadn’t made her a present.

I had limited resources at my disposal (I’m a college student, after all) but I wanted to make something charming that she would appreciate. She has a favorite winery in Spokane, so I purchased a bottle of her favorite wine and made wine cork charms for glasses. Pictured below are charms I made for my friend, crafting round 2.

They were very easy and all in all didn’t take more than 20 minutes to make.


Tools: Paperclips, 1 wine cork, knife (not pictured), needle nose pliers, embroidery thread, decorating supplies.


Step 1: Cut the wine cork into fourths



Step 2: Straighten your paperclips, I wrapped them around the top of a nail polish bottle to take the kinks out.


Step 3: Thread the paperclips through the cork pieces


Step 4: Round one end so that it holds the cork piece securely


You can’t see it too well, but I pushed the rounded edge into the cork.


Step 5: Tie the embroidery thread around the paperclip


Step 6: Wrap it, I only went about 3/4 of the way up. I used different colors for each charm just to help differentiate between them.

Step 7: Tie the thread into a knot


Step 8: Curl the paper clip and then tie it into a tight knot to prevent people from hurting themselves


Step 10: Decorate as you wish! I used glitter.


End result


Here is a picture of the first round. I decorated these with just a sharpie.

One recommendation: be sure to use a dense cork. For the set I decorated with sharpies I used a dense cork, for the glitter ones I used one that was much weaker, one of the piece fell apart completely.


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