Portal and Portal 2

Portal 2 Logo

I’m awful at video games, really and truly awful. My boyfriend however really enjoys them, and would love for me to enjoy them as well. To encourage me, Nick gifted me Portal and Portal 2.

First of all, I beat Portal and it was incredibly enjoyable.

Nick was right that this was a great game to start me off with. I love science fiction (as I talked about here) and this game plays off of some of my deepest fears of robots.

I’m still working on Portal 2, and I’ve enjoyed the way that the story has built off each other. Once I’ve finished the game, I’ll get to dive into the exciting world of co-op gaming.

Sometimes being a little bit nerdy is an excellent way to relax, and I’m looking forward to playing this game and others in the future.


2 thoughts on “Portal and Portal 2

  1. Portal 2 is an AWESOME co-op experience. It’s worth diving into even if you haven’t finished Portal 2’s singleplayer yet because the story is separate.


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