Friday Reflection

Happy Friday!

flowers 004

Tiny chocolate frogs from Spokane’s Chocolate Apothecary

It’s been a long week, mostly because it was the start of classes and as such the beginning of my last semester as a college student.

I’m excited for my classes, which I’ll be taking with a number of my favorite professors from the last three and half years.

I’m excited for my thesis and my thesis class which will take up a large part of my time.

I’m excited for my senior project, which I desperately need to finish.

I’m excited for Charter, Gonzaga’s Journal of Scholarly Opinion which I am the editor of. Soon it should stop being a headache and begin being something to look forward to.

Finally, I’m excited for my poetry class. I have only ever written prose with an emphasis on essays and short fiction. Branching into a new realm of writing is both exciting and nauseating.

My only concern for the upcoming week is the realization that I have to get glasses. I’ve been getting nasty headaches which unscientific opinion have deduced to be vision-based headaches. Finally, the years of reading in the dark have caught up to me! My father chastising me about my poor reading habits is suddenly coming back to me in full force.

flowers 001

Flowers from this summer.


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