Italian Loaf

I love baking bread. It’s one of the easiest things to make, and it makes me feel incredibly self-sufficient. I’ve used this recipe from Brown Eyed Baker a couple of times, but this round went the best by far. It rose the right amount and browned so wonderfully.


I bought extra yeast this time, so I  think that bread will be a more constant addition to our house for awhile. Something about the smell of fresh bread and the way the oven heats the house helps brighten winter weather a little bit. Spokane is getting dreary and cold, and we still have a couple of months left. Much as I love Spokane summers (and falls, spring and early winter) later winter can just get a bit draggy.


Pumpkin Scones

My favorite baked goods are breakfast baked goods. In the mornings I’m almost always running very late. Taking that into consideration, I need foods that are easy to carry and eat while I walk to work or class. Scones and muffins are by far the most manageable treats. I used this recipe that resulted in absolutely delicious scones and a lot of them.


My housemates were all big fans, and it was treat to warm the house up with the stove this morning. I’m really glad that I’ll have something to carry along for breakfast tomorrow.