Favorite Things

Here are a few of my favorite things:


[Poketo Agenda, a Christmas gift for myself]


[A sign from my friend celebrating my first GUTS show a few years ago]


[A copy of The Historian that I received, recognizing my admission into the History Honor Society on campus]


[Audrey Blue by China Glaze]


[My Dad with his Christmas blanket]

Favorite Things

Emily at cupcakesandcashmere.com does a splendid wrap up of her week with her Five Things on Fridays. I want to borrow this idea because I think that the concept behind it is beautiful. It’s so much easier to appreciate the week when you look at what made you happy throughout it. With that note, let’s looks at my favorite things.

My house has been curiously empty while my roommates have been out celebrating the holidays with their families. While I’m grateful for the break from classes that December brought and January will continue, I’m excited for everyone to return to campus and bring life and noise back to my life.


[Chai cookies and a peppermint truffle from my little sister]


[A honey pot, Christmas gift from my older sister]


[Blackberry Dessert Wine]


[My robot tea infuser, doing its job]


[Surprise Christmas cookies from my roommate]