The Ideal Morning Routine

I’m awful at self discipline. I care far too much for relaxing, snuggling, and taking it easy when I can. That being said, my morning routine tends to be exceptionally rushed. Usually, it involves climbing out of bed, jumping in the shower, drying my hair, pouring coffee and running out the door. However, I’m trying very hard to slow my morning habits down.
That being said, here is how I’m trying to treat my mornings.

Wake up and drink!


During the day I’m fairly good at drinking water regularly. But, I usually don’t start drinking water until about two or three in the afternoon. Ideally, I should drink water (or hot water with lemon) first thing in the morning to keep me awake.

Shower, Hair, Make Up

The big things I want to change about this part is my make up routine. Mostly, I need to start using moisturizer and sunscreen. These little additions should help me even out my skin tone, and mostly make me feel better about myself.



Pictured here are a cup of hot water with lemon and homemade bread with peanut butter and honey. Typically, I usually grab something on the way out the door and eat while I’m walking to the bus or to campus. ¬†The above picture is much closer to the ideal, however it is also probably going to stay impossible until this semester wraps up.

Finally coffee, and out the door.

Coffee is probably the most crucial part of my morning routine. Although I’ve gotten out of my headaches-without-caffeine stage, I feel dazed without a little bit of coffee to start off my day.

In an ideal world, I would give myself an hour or more to manage to get all this off. Realistically, I give myself about 40 minutes ish.


“Excellent Girl”


At work one of our newest associates at the ¬†bookstore identified me as “excellent girl” to a friend, because half of what I say to people is “excellent,” or “splendid,” or “swell.”

I have to say, of all the things I girl could be called, I’m really glad I’m excellent girl. I tend to be bossy, or sassy, or just plain demanding. The new girl’s comment reminded me I don’t have to be bossy to retain respect.

Let’s all try to be excellent people because having others think of you as excellent feels really good.

Winter Break Blues

Since the winter of 2009 when I started college, I’ve found breaks to be the worst part of my college experience. They are boring, monotonous, and worst of all lonely. To get by this winter I’ve been working as much as I can and watching a lot of Netflix.

I’ve really enjoyed Merlin, and got through it far too quickly. I also finished Once Upon a Time. All things considered, it’s been a very peaceful break.

My goals remain oriented towards finishing my senior project (40 pages of short stories), and reading a number of science fiction novels to prep for my history thesis. While this should be the most exciting academic part of my college experience it has been really hard to get going the motivation necessary to delve into intellectual pursuits.

Ah, well, a few weeks remain and worst case scenario I get to relax and enjoy watching the snow fall.